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[Accuris] InstaView™ Electrophoresis System
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[Accuris] InstaView™ Electrophoresis System

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BMSC-E1200-CS1Extra casting set for 10.5x10cm and 10.5x6cm gels. Includes stand, trays, E1101-COMB1 double-sided combsRM  250.00
Stock: Pre order
BMSC-E1200-EmyGel InstaView™ Gel Tank with Blue LED Illuminator, 230V inputRM  3,850.00
Stock: Pre order
BMSC-E1200-PSP-EmyGel InstaView Package: E1200 and E2301 touch screen power supply, 230V inputRM  6,390.00
Stock: Pre order
BMSC-E1201-EmyGel InstaView™ Complete Electrophoresis System with Blue LED Illuminator, 230V inputRM  5,280.00
Stock: Pre order

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Accuris Instruments has taken innovation to the next level with their new InstaView™ electrophoresis systems.  These systems make the whole process of running DNA gels, viewing DNA bands and documenting results easy.  All without removing the gel.

  • View DNA migration and separation as it happens

  • Blue light illumination – won’t damage DNA

  • Capture high resolution images without removing the gel from the tank

There are 2 myGel Instaview Systems Available:

E1201 InstaView Complete System with Power Supply

The myGel InstaView comes complete with everything needed to cast, run and view mini electrophoresis gels, including an integrated power supply. One large (10.5x10cm) or small (10.5x6cm) gel is accommodated by the gel tank. Gels are easily poured using the supplied trays, combs and leak-proof casting stand. The power supply connects directly into the gel tank – no more leads to contend with. The connection is guaranteed to be right, every time.

Output voltage can be adjusted to 35V, 50V or 100V and run time can be set for up to 99 minutes. A magnetic interlock between the gel tank and the lid prevents current from running through the system when the lid is not properly in place.

Once the myGel InstaView System is set up, simply slide the mini LED transilluminator into place under the tank and at any time turn it on to view the run in real time. An array of blue LEDs emits bright blue light at a wavelength of 465nm for optimal excitation of common green fluorescent stains such as SmartGlow™, SYBYR™ Green and Gel Green, without damaging DNA. An orange filter is incorporated into the lid for visualizing DNA bands without any additional equipment or special glasses. When it’s time to document results, place the included gel imaging enclosure over top of the myGel InstaView, and use the camera app on any smart phone to capture high resolution images without removing the gel from the tank.
Images are easily shared via email or text message or printed.

E1200 InstaView Gel Tank System – Connect your own power supply

For labs that prefer to use a separate power supply, the InstaView Gel Tank is the perfect choice for running, viewing and documenting electrophoretic separations. The InstaView Gel Tank accommodates one large (10.5x10cm) or one small (10.5x6cm) gel tray and is supplied with trays, combs and a leak-proof casting stand. The gel tank lid includes attached power leads which prevent the unit from operating without the lid properly in place. Any standard power supply can be connected, including the Accuris myVolt™ Mini and myVolt Touch. The InstaView Gel Tank is shaped to allow the mini LED transilluminator (included) to slide underneath. Blue light, at a wavelength of 465nm, provides excitation of common green fluorescent stains such as SmartGlow™, SYBR™ Green, and GelGreen. An orange filter is incorporated into the gel tank lid for visualizing the DNA in the gel box without any additional equipment or glasses. The transilluminator can be turned on at any time during a run to track progress, and automatically shuts off after 5 minutes.

After electrophoresis, simply place the included imaging enclosure over the InstaView Gel Tank to capture high resolution images with a smart phone. Images are easily printed or shared via email or text message.

Bundle Package:  E1200-PSP

Our bundle package (order no. E1200-PSP) includes both the E1200 InstaView Tank System, and our popular E2301 MyVolt Touch Power Supply.  This versatile power supply is ideal for basic DNA electrophoresis, and can also be used for PAGE protein separations.

Use the mini LED transilluminator as a stand alone instrument

An optional orange filter cover (cat # E1200-OC) is available to use with the mini transilluminator that comes with both E1201 and E1200 systems.  This cover allows use of the small transilluminator separately from the gel tank, and can be positioned horizontally for general gel viewing or at an angle so DNA bands can be excised.  We also offer orange filter glasses (cat # E4000-VG1) for convenient viewing of bands on the blue light transilluminator when the cover is not in place.  These glasses block the strong blue light and also block 100% of harmful UV light.

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