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[Daigger Scientific] Economy Slide Warmers, 230V

[Daigger Scientific] Economy Slide Warmers, 230V

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DGRS-EF4575C (XH-2002)[Daigger Scientific] Economy Slide Warmers; Small, 220VINQUIRE
Stock: Pre order
DGRS-EF4575D-1 (XH-2001)[Daigger Scientific] Economy Slide Warmers, 230VINQUIRE
Stock: Pre order

These Economy Slide Warmers are ideal for histology, cytology, pathology and biological laboratories where space is at a premium. The unit is constructed from heavy-duty steel and features a thermal heater for uniform heating across the entire surface plate. The black surface provides added contrast. 

The slide warmer thermostatic heat control with LED display allows temperature adjustments between ambient and 70°C ± 2°C. A toggle switch on the LED display allows the user to switch between set temperature and actual temperature. 

The standard warmer’s surface plate area measures 25 x 8 (64 x 20 cm) and can hold approximately 66 standard slides, while the small version measures 10 x 7 (26 x 18 cm) and holds about 23 standard slides. Power requirements: 110 V, 60 Hz.

Key Features

  • 10 x 7 plate holds up to 23 slides
  • 25 x 8 plate holds up to 66 slides
  • Black PTFE resin surface provides excellent contrast
  • Thermostatic heat control provides uniform heating
  • Ideal for use in the fields of cytology, histology, pathology and biology for paraffin tissue section mounting.
  • Thermal heater ensures heat transfer over the entire surface
  • Anodized black surface provides contrast with samples
  • LED temperature display
  • Thermoplast setting range from room temperature to 75°C±2°

Model No. XH-2001 (EF4575D)
- 25" x 8" (64 cm x 20 cm)
- Surface holds about 66 slides
- Shipping weight: 13lbs

Model No. XH-2002 (EF4575C)
- 10" x 7" (26 cm x 18 cm)
- Surface holds about 23 slides
- Shipping weight: 7lbs

1 year warranty

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