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[Heathrow Scientific] Pipette Starter Kit

[Heathrow Scientific] Pipette Starter Kit

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Brand: Heathrow Scientific
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Kit Includes:
1 - Universal Carousel Pipette Stand - Assorted Colors
1 - Pearl Pipette Volume Range 2–20 μL
1 - Pearl Pipette Volume Range 20–200 μL
1 - Pearl Pipette Volume Range 100–1000 μL
5 - Reagent Reservoirs 50 mL Sterile

Universal Carousel Pipette Stand
Hold and store pipettes in style with the Universal Carousel Pipette Stand by Heathrow Scientific that holds up to 8 single-channel, 4 multi- channel, or a combination of both pipettes
A sleek and modern design enables this stand to securely hold virtually every known brand of pipette in the marketplace making it truly 
‘universal’ while adding a pop of color to a bench top

Reagent Reservoirs

Multi-channel reservoirs by Heathrow Scientific are superior in every way with thicker walls, crush-resistant “turrets” at the corners, easy pour-spouts, 25 mL graduation marks, and tabs to prevent stacked reservoirs from sticking together 

Pearl® Pipettes

The sleek, ergonomic design and reduced plunger pressure help reduce the chance of Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI), as the pipettes require 2/3 the operation pressure of most standard pipettes  
Each pipette calibrated and a calibration certificate is supplied

Manufactured in accordance with ISO8655 and GMP regulations

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