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[Nanoshel] Copper Foam

[Nanoshel] Copper Foam

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Brand: NanoShel
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CAS : 7440-50-8
Porosity : 50%-98%
Thickness : 1mm
PPI : 120
Size : 500×500mm
Pore size : 0.1mm-1mm (110ppi)
Molecular Formula : Cu
Molecular weight : 63.55g/mol
Density : 8.96g/cm3
Melting point : 1085°C
Boiling point : 2562°C
Thermal expansion : 16.5µm.m-1.k-1
Thermal conductivity : 401W.m-1.k-1
Tensile strength : 1.25N/mm
Young’s modulus : 110-128GPa
Shear strength : 190Psi
Vickers hardness : 369MPa
Poisson’s ratio : 0.34
Electrical resistivity : 1.673µΩ-cm
Specific heat : 0.39kj/kgK
Electronegativity : 1.90paulings
Heat of fusion : 13.26kJ.mol-1
Heat of vaporization : 300.4kJ.mol-1

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