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MAS-100 NT Air-sampler System

MAS-100 NT Air-sampler System

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The new MAS-100 NT® is arguably the most precise, most reliable and most cost-effective air sampler system available today – a solution you can rely on to detect any airborne micro-organisms which may be hazardous to your products. Developed in close cooperation with specialists in the pharmaceutical industry, this high-precision air sampler system is very easy to handle, delivers correct and reproducible results, and fully complies with the EN ISO 14698 standard parts 1 and 2. It is an improved version of our very successful MAS-100® Air Sampler System that has been highly appreciated for years by even the most demanding customers in the pharmaceutical industry.

The benefits of our MAS-100 NT® are compelling:

  • Precise, reproducible measurements
  • High collection efficiency
  • Built-in air flow compensation
  • Compatible with standard 90 mm Petri dishes and 60 mm contact plates
  • Hardware and software validated for HACCP
  • Validation documents according to ISO 14698

Proven and improved microbial air monitoring

The original MAS-100® was a unique achievement and an incredible success – but the new MAS-100 NT® is even better. Its compact, user-friendly design, improved security features, easy and fully automatic calibration, validated software, and enhanced connection options make the MAS-100 NT® Active Microbial Air Sampler truly unique:

  • Improved design with an illuminated display for easy navigation
  • Improved HACCP software with Microsoft Windows log-in functionality and reporting
  • Menu in a variety of languages (English, French and German; Spanish in preparation, others on demand)
  • Acoustic alarm feature
  • Data logging for samples and alarms
  • Communication via USB port for error-free result transmission and automatic record-keeping
  • Long-life lithium ion batteries with intelligent recharging feature, and much more.

All functions and parameters as well as the calibration procedure can be controlled using the MAS-100 NT® software or may be programmed directly on the unit. Alarms and samples are logged and the last 100 events recorded. These can be exported or printed at any time. Hardware and software have been developed according to GAMP4.

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