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Tapiru Tshirt
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Tapiru Tshirt

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Colour: Light Grey

We at Nano Life Quest are happy to introduce our FIRST TAPIRU TSHIRT! This is a science-themed T-shirt that has the word "TAPIRU" with the elemental symbol from the Periodic Table. We always have wanted a T-shirt that shows that we are from scientific communities. Hence, we choose an elemental symbol from the Periodic Table as a design on our first T-shirt.

All of us must have learned this Periodic Table at least once in our lifetime. So this T-shirt is specially designed for anyone who loves science or in the scientific community. This TAPIRU TSHIRT makes a great present for those people in Scientific Field such as those who major in biochemistry, biomedical, physics, work as a chemist or physicist research, and many more.

As all you guys know, Dr. Tapiru, our mascot is a Malayan Tapir. Malayan Tapir is one of the most iconic animals found in Malaysia and the largest of the four species of tapir and the only species in Asia. So why we choose Malayan Tapir as our MASCOT? It simply because it represents our company's origin, which is based in Malaysia. Besides that, the Malayan Tapir has a distinctive color pattern – the front and back parts are black and the midsection is white or gray. This represents the color of our company as you can see through our company's logo.

Let's show your support towards the scientific community ~
Add this T-shirt to your gift ideas for your family and friends in the SCIENTIFIC FIELD. Wear it PERIODICALLY & PROUDLY to work, university, college, or high school.

#ScienceisFun #TapiruTshirt #NLQTapiru #DrTapiru

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