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    [DLAB] MX-RD-E Rotator
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    [ Heathrow Scientific ] TUBE ROLLER RACKS

    Expand Capacity of Your Workflow

    Each Tube Rack Roller accommodates 10 tubes, doubling or tripling the capacity of your tube roller equipment

    • Saves Process Time - large batch processing reduces the number of roller cycles required for lab procedures
    • Saves Money - handles more without the need to invest in multiple machines to process the same amount of tubes
    • Saves Valuable Space -  additional capacity especially helpful with limited incubator capacity

    Precise and Efficient Tube Rolling

    Tube holder axis is parallel to roller axis for pure horizontal rotation for controlled sample manipulation

    • Provides a Gentler Mix – Tube Roller Rack slows the effective RPM of the tube roller due to the larger rotation
    • Preserves Sample Integrity – Controlled, lower speed mitigates cell damage reducing sample errors such as Hemolysis

    Versatile and Durable Solution

    • Organize samples pre and post mixing
    • Use as a storage tube rack for upright storage or submerse in an ice bath
    • Polypropylene construction is wear-resistant and offers reliable sterilization through autoclaving


    • Pack of 3
    • Color:  Blue
    • Design Patent Pending
    • Accommodates most tube brands
      • Large:  Fits blood collection & culture tubes (10 mL) and standard 15mL tubes up to 18-20mm
      • Small: Fits blood collection & culture tubes 10 - 17 mm (3.5 - 7 mL)
    RM 740.00

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