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[MTC Bio] Disposable Spreaders

[MTC Bio] Disposable Spreaders

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MTCB-M5420Spreader, L-Shape, 38 x 156mm, 1/sterile peel, 500 peels/packRM  520.00
Stock: Pre order
MTCB-M5421Spreader, L-Shape, 38 x 156mm, 10/sterile peel, 50 peels/packRM  430.00
Stock: Pre order
MTCB-M5430Spreader, T-Shape, 34 x 140mm, 1/sterile peel, 500 peels/packRM  560.00
Stock: Pre order
MTCB-M5431Spreader, T-Shape, 34 x 140mm, 10/sterile peel, 50 peels/packRM  470.00
Stock: Pre order
MTCB-M5441Spreader Triangle, 60 x 235mm, 10/sterile bag, 10 bags/packRM  440.00
Stock: Pre order
MTCB-M5451Spreader Triangle, 30 x 207mm, 10/sterile bag, 10 bags/packRM  440.00
Stock: Pre order

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The MTC Bio line of bacteriological spreaders has been expanded to include four different shapes and sizes. In addition to the original L-shape, a similar T-shape version and two triangle shapes (large and small) are now available. All versions are supplied in sterile packaging, but are also autoclavable and have smooth, rounded edges to prevent unwanted cutting, scraping or gouging of agar during inoculation.

The original spreaders are ideal for spreading bacteriological cultures evenly. The shape allows the user to rotate and apply easily throughout an entire round plate or dish. They are made of ABS and have a slight upward curve at the edge to prevent dragging or scraping.

This shape ensures that consistently even pressure can be applied across the entire span of the 34mm spreading surface. Designed for spreading and dispersing liquids across the surface of agar culture plates, they are made of ABS and commonly used for CFU plate counts on water, milk, urine, etc.

Triangle Shape
This new design is also used for CFU count applications, but has a grooved handle that improves grip and orientation. Made of polypropylene, they are available with a 30mm span or an extra large 60mm span.

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